Guided hiking tours in Aosta Valley

...there’s a whole valley to discover between you and me!!!

Do you need a breath of fresh air?
Or a stroll outdoors to “take in” the nature?
Do you wish to discover Aosta Valley, a small region where you can experience great fun?
Feel welcomed in a world of secret and wild mountains, get the chance to admire breath taking landscapes and views at every step you take. Look at the activities for summer and winter and… feel free to contact me.
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Escursioni in Valle d'Aosta
Agenva: guide escursionistiche naturalistiche della Valle d'Aosta
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 Raffaele Collavo

 Hiking guide


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Are you planning to go hiking in the mountains of Aosta Valley but you need some help to choose among the large number of available trails?... I am here to help you give an added value to your hike, showing you the beauty of our landscape and natural resources, with  the guarantee of a qualified guide having many years of experience in this area........


Representing the best way to travel over snow, snowshoes enable us to discover how impressively living beings adapt to winter cold, the magic of snow formation and metamorphism and – by observing animal tracks – how the mountain inhabitants feed and move in large open areas covered with snow....


Are you a company looking for an exciting and unifying activity during a meeting? Choose one of our mountain team building proposals and let your employees shift from passive bystanders to active participants. This unique experience will be etched on their memories forever. Have a look at my suggestions and if you have any doubts, contact me: we will work out the best solution to meet your needs...........

Are you interested in one of our offers or do you prefer a tailor-made, unique experience? Share your projects with me and let me suggest you the right activities for you and your friends…Write me now!!


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Escursioni in Valle d'Aosta



Escursioni in Valle d'Aosta



Escursioni in Valle d'Aosta


Escursioni in Valle d'Aosta



..there’s a whole valley to discover between you and me!